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Mosquito Patches For Kids by Nat Pat
Mosquito Patches For Kids by Nat Pat
Mosquito Patches For Kids by Nat Pat

Mosquito Patches For Kids by Nat Pat

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100% natural content & chemical free

BuzzPatch has only natural ingredients: citronella and geraniol oils. It is completely chemical free and safe for kids.

Stick patches to your kids' clothes to keep them safe from mosquitoes.

Safe for kids 0+ year old.

How to use:  Simply peel off a Buzzpatch sticker and place it on your child’s clothing nearest to the exposed body areas.

For kids aged 0-2 years old, use one patch placed centrally on the body.

For kids aged 3-5 years, place 2 patches on the body- one on the torso and one on the leg.

For ages 6+, use 2-4 patches- one placed on clothing next to exposed limb.

100% natural components and medical adhesive are safe for even the littlest ones.

Each package contains 24 stickers.

Duration of protection - Up to 12 hours.

Storage & Disposal:  Store in a cool, dry place, away from food or drink and keep out of reach of children.

Best if used within 6 months.

After use, place patches and backing in the trash.

Caution:  May cause irritation to the eyes.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Do not touch or rub eyes or nose or mouth with hands.  Do not allow children to play with patch stickers. Open pouches only as needed.  Wash hands after handling the patches.  In case of accidental poisoning, contact a doctor or your local poison information center. 

Product of the US.

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