Honeybee Trivia Week 3 ūüźĚ

What is the term used in beekeeping to describe a particular figure-eight dance of the honeybee? A. Waggle B. Ballroom C. The Floss D. Zumba     T...

Honeybee Trivia Week 2 ūüźĚ (Original post Feb 12)

Bees pollinate what percentage of the world’s main crops? A. 25% B. 33% C. 75% D. 90%   Answer:  C. Bees pollinate 75% of the 100 most globally-tr...

Honeybee Trivia Week 1 ūüźĚ

What are the members of the honey bee colony? a) 3 queens, and a combination of knights and soldiers b) A queen, a beekeeper, and a hive c) A queen...

Trivia Thursdays ūüźĚ

We are launching Trivia Thursdays on our Instagram page!  You can follow along @anther.apiary. Each week we will post a bee themed trivia question ...

Our Honey Advent Box

In December we launched our first ever Honey Advent Box!  Each day featured 50 grams of local Nova Scotia honey sourced directly from the apiaries ...

Winter Stores and Fall Feeding from our Apiaries

This weeks tips from our apiaries is winter stores and fall feeding. There are two types of food we need to keep an eye on:  honey and pollen. The...

Fall Management from our Apiaries in Atlantic Canada

  Fall has arrived in Nova Scotia and being the beekeepers that we are, this means our fall management has already started. Over the course of this...
World Honeybee Day

World Honeybee Day

 It’s World Honeybee Day!   August 15th has been named World Honeybee Day and this is a day when we raise awareness to the benefits and enviro...
Backyard Gardening Tips for a Bee-Friendly Garden!

Backyard Gardening Tips for a Bee-Friendly Garden!

Spring is here, or is it? As we look outside our windows, we see the wet snow coming down quickly.  Even though it is not a good sight to see, we ...
Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrived!

Spring has finally arrived!  With the longer days and the warmer sunshine, we are gearing up for bee season.   We did our initial spring checks a...


We moved some of our bees to a new apiary!  Looks like they are settling in quite nicely!
Should you mow your dandelions?

Should you mow your dandelions?

Our friends over at the Halifax Honeybee Society did an interview with the Weather Network on whether or not you should mow your dandelions. We le...

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