Refill Program

*Our refill program is temporarily on hold due to COVID.  Please stay tuned as this may change.*

Our business is committed to the environment and to reducing plastic pollution.  We strive to reduce packaging waste with our refill dispensary program.
How does it work?
Bring your own containers or return with your containers and we will fill them back up for you. We refill any container that is clean.
Please note that your containers do not need to be completely empty to refill. For example, if you are running low on your deodorants, we will simply weigh your jar or tube and only charge you for what we top up. If you forgot your containers, we do sell empty sanitized jars and bottles in store that you can purchase.

Refill options include:
*All natural deodorants
*Bath soaks 
(We are a small batch operator and our honey is only available as long as quantity lasts)
*more products coming soon

How to Get Started
Order your refill product at our counter. We will refill your containers for you while you shop in our store.
Please note we are closed on some days for soap-making or in the beeyards working with our bees so it’s best to check our Facebook page or call the studio before you come. 
In a hurry?
Take advantage of our drop off service and we will hold on to your products while you run errands or shop in downtown Truro.


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