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Wood Eye Creations

We are thrilled to welcome Alan Barnhill of Wood Eye Creations to our boutique!

Woodworking has always been a passion for most of Alan’s life. In some ways it was his artistic outlet to being an engineer during the day. Alan started learning woodworking as a teenager at his father’s side as he built cabinets and renovated a 120-year-old farmhouse.

In 2005, Wood Eye Creations was born out of necessity. His family had used and given as gifts breadsaws for over 40 years, and then they could no longer get them!

Alan was challenged to fill the gap, after all he does woodworking! It was his first product.

Small hardwood pieces that were too small for cabinets, yet too nice to burn accumulated in both sheds. A desire for unique wedding presents started him down the path of cutting boards!

Each coaster cutting board is handmade by Alan in his studio located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The coaster is a hardwood base with a cork insert to hold your favourite mug, glass, etc.

The entire board is food safe and contains a beeswax finish with beeswax sourced from Nova Scotian bees.

You may also flip the board over to use it as a small cutting board.


Coaster board designs include:

Honeybee- The bee design is carved out in the wood and contains a resin inlay into the wood, it is not painted on.

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