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Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry Sticker by Inkwell Originals

Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry Sticker by Inkwell Originals

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All signs point to the Ferry! Own or gift a miniature Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry sign sticker to remember fond memories of time spent on the oldest saltwater ferry in North America!

Also available as a magnet!

    • Measures: ~2"x3"
    • Designed and made in Canada

    Inkwell Originals is the in-house studio of Inkwell, a modern handmade boutique & letterpress studio in downtown Halifax. Graphic designers Andrea Rahal and Daniel MacDonald create art prints, greeting cards, postcards, stationery and drink coasters inspired by the ocean, coastline, Nova Scotia and the people of Halifax. Antique letterpresses create these tactile products. The cast-iron presses are hand-powered and the paper is fed by hand. The end result is a charming and tactile impression in the paper.

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