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Black Garlic Mustard by Atlantic Mustard Mill

Black Garlic Mustard by Atlantic Mustard Mill

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Welcome to the next level of mustard

The Black Label line.

The "Black Garlic Mustard" is the first of three mustards. This one was created for the mustard connoisseur.
This mustards has a fine taste of black garlic and it is oh, so wonderful on your cheese charcuterie board. Or you can bring your cheese panini to the next level.

Stone Ground Whole Seed, Organic Ingredients, Fermented, Vegan

Made with 100% Solar Energy

Ingredients: Organic White Vinegar, Organic Yellow & Brown Mustard Seeds, Water, Black Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sea Salt

Net wt. 125 ml 4.2 fl oz

Product of Prince Edward Island

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