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Halifax Honey Company


Jesse’s passion for great tasting food started while learning to cook in his family’s kitchen at a very young age. As Jesse grew up, so did his passion for the hospitality and culinary world. Jesse has been in the restaurant industry since 2001 while managing his family’s fine dining establishment. 

Jake has always been influencing, inspiring and experimenting with new ideas and creations all while appreciating everything local.

In 2016 they started The Halifax Honey Company and born was out signature gourmet, sweet and spicy condiment, Stingin’ Hot Honey! This little taste of success along with the positive consensus of the thousands of palates that tasted our infusion only fuelled our desire to continue creating new products to present to market and foodies alike. A truly mouth-watering line up of gourmet condiments with a ‘tastefully hot sweet-heat kick has now emerged!

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