Wildflower Seed Eggs
Wildflower Seed Eggs
Wildflower Seed Eggs
Wildflower Seed Eggs

Wildflower Seed Eggs

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The kids have been busy little bees at Anther and Apiary creating pollinator seed eggs to help our bees and pollinator friends this season!

You don't have to be an avid gardener or have a green thumb to grow your own flowers this year!  

These Pollinator Seed Packs contain six wildflower seed eggs. Each egg is mixed by hand with compost from Searles Gardens & Florals in Hilden, NS, clay soil from our own backyard, and wildflower seeds sourced locally from Cochrane Family Farm in Upper Stewiacke, NS.  

The flower seeds are certified organic by Ecocert and consist of a Beneficial Insect Blend and a Wildflower Butterfly Blend.  

The top row consists of three eggs of seeds containing a mix of flowers and herbs, annuals and perennials to attract insects like lace wings, lady bugs, hoverflies, wasps and bees to promote natural bio diversity.

The bottom row consists of three eggs containing approximately 50% annuals and 50% perennials of bright and colorful flowers that are long lasting.  The nectar rich flowers in the Butterfly blend will attract many butterflies and species of insects, birds, and wildlife to your garden bed.

Planting Instructions: (mid to late May to June after chance of last frost)

Remove a egg and place it in your garden or flower pot with some soil. Cover with soil and water.  Water regularly so the soil does not dry out.  After about 14 days, the flowers should begin to grow and the plant seed eggs will break apart slowly.  The flowers should bloom into a pollinator habitat right in your garden or backyard.

These make an excellent gift for the non-gardener or gardener in your life but it's really the bees and pollinators that benefit the most!  

Each egg weighs approximately 80 grams.

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