Soap Shavings

Soap Shavings

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In our desire to remain ecologically conscious and to reduce packaging we are introducing a soap refill program. When shaping our soap bars we inevitability create small pieces and shavings. To that end, customers are now able to buy these pieces to refill their sisal soap bags that we also carry in the shop. 

Soap scents available will vary depending on which soaps we are making at the time but will include Grapefruit and Honey, Sweet Bliss and Honey, Lavender and Honey, Eucalyptus and Honey, Balsam Peppermint, Pomegranate and Honey, Honey and Oats, Vanilla and Honey, and Lavender and Sweet Orange. 

Refill price .06/gram

One sisal bag can hold approximately 80 - 100 grams depending on the size of the shavings. 

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