Fall Management from our Apiaries in Atlantic Canada


Fall has arrived in Nova Scotia and being the beekeepers that we are, this means our fall management has already started.

Over the course of this month we will be inspecting our hives in preparation for next bee season!

Each week we will take you to our apiaries and share a quick tip on fall and upcoming winter management.

This weeks tip is on colony strength and winter survival.

A large population of bees usually between 20,000 - 30,000 plus or 8 -10 frames of bees covered on both sides is a decent strength.

A full deep frame of bees holds about half a pound of bees or 1750 bees.

Some of the bees you see are young winter bees and some of these are left over summer foragers that will eventually die off over winter or in early spring.

A young and healthy Queen will usually lay all the winter bees needed by the end of August into September leaving some hives to appear stronger than others, like this one.

During hive checks, if your hives are weak (less than 4-5 seams) or suddenly queenless, you may want to consider combining them with a stronger colony now.

From the looks of this hive, I think we might be on track for winter survival if there are no other surprises.


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