Today, we visited our apiary in Truro.  We had help from a lovely beekeeper in training, Trish.  She wasn’t afraid to suit up and jump right in!  Trish is taking courses at Dalhousie University’s Modern Beekeeping course and will be getting her first set of nucs this summer.  We are very excited for her!

Our goal today was to check on our queens and to monitor for swarms.


We found fresh eggs (looks like rice inside the middle of the cell) and larvae (a few day old eggs) and some capped brood.  We managed to locate queens in half of our hives and the others we felt okay about as long as we saw the fresh eggs.

We did a few splits of hives that were very strong and most likely to swarm soon.  We hope to re-queen a few hives in the coming weeks.

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