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HoneyBee Trivia Week 4 🐝 (original post February 28)

True or False.  Male Honeybees are the only bees that have stingers. Answer :   False.  Females are the only ones that can sting.  Their singers a...

Honeybee Trivia Week 3 🐝

What is the term used in beekeeping to describe a particular figure-eight dance of the honeybee? A. Waggle B. Ballroom C. The Floss D. Zumba     T...

Honeybee Trivia Week 2 🐝 (Original post Feb 12)

Bees pollinate what percentage of the world’s main crops? A. 25% B. 33% C. 75% D. 90%   Answer:  C. Bees pollinate 75% of the 100 most globally-tr...

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